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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Little Things

A few little things that happened in the mess of the last month that I never want to forget...
  1. When you'd ask her a yes or no question, and the answer was yes, it would come out sounding like "S-ha" instead of yes. It made me giggle.
  2. Mom telling me that if she got snippy with me again, I was allowed to Bitch Slap her.
  3. The way she was always so concerned with where Shannon was.
  4. The smile she would have for you when you woke her from a slumber.
  5. All the little sillies she'd say like I was allowed to spend all my inheritance money on derby gear and skull and flame tattoo's just like hers on her arms.
  6. After she passed, Cashway Lumber putting an ad in the paper that said they were closed at noon on the Friday of her funeral in honor of her.

What about our Mom will you never forget? 

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