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Sunday, July 3, 2011


 I didn't take nearly as many pictures while I was in South Dakota as one would think. Normally I'm the shutterbug capturing every moment. Here's what I have gathered from other people - Amanda, Julie, Carla. and a few from my cell phone. If you have pictures from Mom's funeral, Relay or other shots of her last few weeks, please send them to me!

So without further ado...
This one turned out blurry - but it's Tony using his "Indian Purse" - Our funeral director Chad got a kick out of it, though I'm not sure Brenda was impressed.

We decided Momma needed to go out in style - This is Crawford's 1957 Cadillac Hearse.

The inset of Mom's Casket - In God's Care

Her Solid Oak Box... we really thought it fit her.

Mom's temporary grave site marker
Momma's Grave site.
We thought it was only appropriate that we went to Relay after Mom's funeral. Dianne's Determine Dreamers came out in 6 fold... There were a LOT of us...

Our Tentsite - Great Job Julie!

Erica Walking for Grammi

Brenda walking with her Family

Our  group (Plus or minus a few)

Shannie, Brenda & Erica

Erica with Tysen

Waiting to take a team picture.

More waiting.

Walking with my gradeschool classmate Angie.

It was Kathy's Idea that we all wear one of Mom's hats while we walked. So she brought the bounty and let every one choose their favorite to wear!

Dianne's Battle is OUR Battle

Our Survivor Jackie - Double mastectomy just a few months ago !


Kimmy Sue - entertainment chair!

Elio & Tony

Erica was pretty determine to walk for her Grammi.

LOOK! Tony's HOLDING MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Family :)

It was so fun to walk with this many people - we just wish we would have been walking in Honor of Mom instead of in Memory of her.

Jason, Tony, Eric & Luke

Lisa - Rhonda - Carla & Jackie

One Full campsite!

Our Luminary

Adding her Survivor pin
Me with our Luminaria

About the time I lost it... tears, tears and more tears. Relay is going to be a lot harder from now on.

Carter's Luminary for Grammi - Great job buddy!


For Grandpa PaPa

By Erica

By Julie (?)

Such a pretty time of Relay...

That's by Troy - He drew Grammi watching him play Tee ball...

I think this is the back of Carter's - He drew Grammi in her Vikings Gear!

Lighting them up!

One someone else made :)

By Julie

So pretty...

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  1. Beautiful Abby
    I was honored to wear her survivor shirt and to walk in her memory. She's in our hearts always!She loved you all so much! Thanks for the memories. Love Jackie