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Friday, June 20, 2014

3 Years...

I thought about posting a year after ... I wrote an entire post, and my heart ached too much to hit "Publish"... and again 2 years after... and now, It's been 3 years since she's been gone.

 It's hard to revisit this blog, there was so much hope, and even though her story isn't over, there's not much more to tell.

Shannon and I took a long walk on Ruby Beach this spring when her and Erica came out to visit. We talked about how much has changed since Mom has been gone, and how empty we feel without her, how lonley. We talked about her cancer, and how we both knew how bad the diagnosis was, yet we still held out hope that she'd be in the clear some day.

Remission is a word we craved to hear, and "Cancer Free" was a complete dream, words we never got to experience with her. She fought 2 long hard years, countless treatments and lots of tears.

But, her story isn't all sad. She was a bright and wonderful woman before and during the cancer. Her story lives on through us kids, and through you who knew and loved her.

I wish her final resting place was closer to me so I could go sit and talk to her. I've kept a journal writing letters to her, but something about having a place to go see here just feels better.

I hope that you will remember her today... fondly. Honor her in your own personal way. Celebrate the life we had with her.

Thank you for loving her, and supporting us.

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