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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crawford Funeral Home

When Mom worked at Cashway she met Bill as a customer; she liked Bill a lot, and would say things like "When I die, you take me to Bill."

So, when she started getting really sick there was no question in our minds which funeral chapel in Watertown we would use. Given that our entire family had used White, Comes & Fox prior to this funeral, it was a little bit of really unfamiliar territory for us. Crawford exceeded any expections we had, and then did a little extra on top of it, they were wonderful. I can't sing them enough praise.

Picking things out for her, there was never any pressured sales, and it was all about what we wanted as a family. They went the extra mile when her casket didn't come in the way we ordered it - well actually the extra 100 miles (200 round trip) to get the right one from Sioux Falls the day of her viewing. We picked things we knew she would like, and that didn't completley break the bank.

And when picking her hearse, it was pretty exciting to find this bad boy in their garage...

She went out in style...
Thank you Crawford, for everything.

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