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Monday, July 11, 2011

Her Journey to Heaven

This blog really has been about Mom's journey. Her last night here with us has yet to be shared, it's been hard to find the words. But I've been asked if it was peaceful, if she was okay, if she knew she was loved, and the answer to all of that is yes. Since it's been 3 weeks today, I figured today would be a good day to share the story of that night...

I will never forget the night she passed away, and I'm confident to say that Kathy, Nani, Tony & Shannon feel the same way.

We had just said goodbye to a visitor for the evening, and Shannon and I went into the living room to check on Mom, Shannon lifted her covers to feel that her legs were ice cold. We had read in a book by hospice that this could happen days or hours before a person passes. Shannon and I were both worried, so we ate a bite of dinner, and gathered everyone by Mom's bedside.

Kathy found each of us a stool or a chair to sit on, and Shannon called Tony because things weren't looking up. We sat by her, held her hands and told her how much she is loved she briefly said "I love you" . We laughed at old memories, and cried together. Tony arrived just before a large storm, and helped everyone move their cars into cover, They came back in, and gathered around her bedside just as the storm started to rumble. We said the Lords prayer together and then we each took our turns reading her our birthday cards since we never got a chance before. Kathy then read her the note she wrote her at her benefit and Mom opened just one eye and watched Kathy read every word. We took her oxygen off of her, and kept talking about how much we love her, and telling her who was waiting for her on the other side. About five minutes after we removed the oxygen she took her last breaths. Shannon got up and retrieved her stethoscope and confirmed that she was gone.

The storm really lit up the sky and I stood outside watching it, waiting for Missy and Crawford to come for her.

We had a very beautiful opportunity to say goodbye. It was the most dignified death a person could have. We miss her, every. single. second.

But we know that Kerry, Grandpa Adolph and Kevin were all very excited to see her.

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